After  graduating  from   Atlantic  City  High  School  in  New Jersey,
Shelley Wentz Evans   received  a B.F.A. In Art Education  from the
Philadelphia  College  of Art in 1967.  Returning to her home town,
Shelley began a thirty year career teaching art in the public school
system. She  spent the  last ten years as lead teacher in the "Arts
Magnet  School." For Shelley,  education  in the arts has become a
continuing  process,  choosing  workshops and classes in areas of
her interest.

During her career, Shelley was a community advocate for the arts,
creating many venues and exhibits featuring young artists. Shelley
was an appointed member of the Atlantic City Art  Commission and
served as the chairperson for many years.

Retiring  in  1998,  she  and  her  husband  Tom  have  spent  their  
winters   in   Delray   Beach, Fl.    
returning  to  Atlantic  City   each
summer. They   have   three    children,     Heidi,    Chris   and   Kim,   
and grandchildren.
As  a  practicing  artist,  Shelley  exhibited  in various states and local
shows   including  two  one-woman  shows  at  the  Atlantic  City  Art
Center,  the  Noyes  Museum,  and  various  galleries  and  venues in
South Florida and the South Jersey area.

For  Shelley,  art  is  a continually evolving process  in which she uses
her  media  to  accomplish  a  personal  vision.  Never  content to use
materials in a traditional way, these paintings  and sculptures reflect
her need to explore and  experiment  in innovative manners. Her 3-D
wall sculptures are  a combination  of light  weight materials, such as
foam board, which  simulate more traditional forms created by wood,
metal  or  clay.    Her  work  integrates    techniques  borrowed  from  
several  art  forms,  thereby  blurring the lines between painting and

It is through  her art  that Shelley continues to grow and express her
inner voice, which  remains  the only constant in her work. Her latest
pieces  are  2-D  mixed  media  works  which combine acrylic painting
with heavy textural elements, graphics  and photos, all integrated to
provoke  the   viewers   power  of  interpreting  their  own  sense  of
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